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 ====== API Documentation ====== ====== API Documentation ======
-TODO+The [[|Rank API]] has launched. You can [[[email protected]|request access by sending us a message]]. 
 +You can still make use of our [[:ranktank_google_sheet_add-on|RankTank Google Sheet Add-On]] or [[:getting_started|RankTank Legacy Google Sheet]]. 
 +RankTank has opened it's elite [[|Google search proxies]] in the form of RAW, HTML or beautiful JSON SERPs to all "Pro" subscribers. 
 +This will make it simple to anybody to integrate RankTank's [[|Google SERP API]] for integrating crawling capabilities into their own application. 
 +[[[email protected]|Send us a message]] or connect via any of our social channels [[|Facebook]], [[|Instagram]], [[|LinkedIn]] or [[|Twitter]] to find out more.
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