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Welcome to RankTank, the most trusted Google keyword position tracker on the web.

What makes RankTank unique is that, unlike other keyword position checking tools, RankTank returns live Google SERPs. These live results allow you to see where your domain ranks for each keyword based on the Google Domains and the Google Languages chosen.

RankTank is used by many professional and technical SEO's, business owners and individuals looking for the absolute best and most accurate Google keyword ranking tool.

This RankTank Google Sheet (Original) and RankTank Google Sheet Extension also supports the SEMrush API for pulling in MSV (Monthly Search Volume) data for each of your keywords.

Note: Google SERPs fluctuate, sometimes wildly, but this is the reality of what your potential customers experience when searching for your products and services. RankTank makes these fluctuations more apparent as we never return cached queries or results, all RankTank SERPs are live. We are working on tracking these fluctuations for you over time and this will be a feature available in a future release.

Getting Started

The Getting Started :?: section will help you go from zero to awesome Google keyword position and rank tracking in no time.

API Documentation

If you're looking for restful API's returning clean JSON Google (SERP) Search Engine Results Pages to use in your own application or tools then this is the place to start.

API Documentation (Request access…)

RankTank App

We are currently working on a RankTank Progressive Web Application which will support desktop, tablet and mobile.


We have compiled Tutorials to help you with the most common tasks on RankTank.

Feel free to look over our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before making use of RankTank services.

Contact Us

Get in touch by sending us a message or connecting via any of our social channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

RankTank's Latest

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