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Getting Started

RankTank Google Sheet Add-On (New)

Find out more about and install the new RankTank Google Sheet Add-On. We recommend reading the How-To Documentation should you require any assistance in using the add-on. :-D

Special Discount

RankTank COVID-19 Recovery Special: Grab the “Recruit” package in the sidebar under “Subscription” in the RankTank Google Sheet Add-On before the end of May 2020 and… Lock-in 5000 scans/month forever @ $9/month (60% OFF)No domain or keyword limit!

Install Add-On

RankTank Google Sheet (Legacy)

Update: You can now try the Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool completely free with no RankTank account. (Just make a copy of the RankTank Google Sheet)

Just enter your domain (TLD only: “”) and ensure the dropdown on the left is set to “Run”, magically our Google SERP proxy crawls and return your rankings. If you like what you see then grab a RankTank "Legacy" subscription.

Once subscribed you need to get the RankTank "Legacy" Keyword Position Tool (10,000 request trial) until we launch the RankTank Google Sheet Add-On.

Our original keyword position tracking in a Google Sheet is still available and better than ever. You can try our original Google sheet by Making a copy of the RankTank "Legacy" Keyword Position Tool (1,000 request trial). This sheet will allow you to crawl up to 10,000 keywords (the Elite version) in real-time and you can save your ranks to a new tab to compare later.

If you already have an active subscription then enter your RankTank API key on the Settings sheet to lift scanning limits imposed by the free trial.

This Google Sheet also supports the SEMrush API for pulling in MSV (Monthly Search Volume) data for each of your keywords.

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