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RankTank Google Sheet Add-On

Keyword rank checking automated for your domain using Google Sheets.

RankTank removes limits found in many other keyword position tracking tools by allowing you to scan millions of keywords via an easy to manage and maintain Google Sheet add-on.

Our tools allow you to find out where you website ranks on Google in many common public and private locations. E.g. Canada, Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Select the Google Location and Google Language from where you wish to scan and RankTank will go out and crawl, returning super-accurate SERP and finding where your domain ranks in real-time.

How does it work?

With the RankTank Add-On you can easily automate the task of checking where your domain name is ranking within search engine result pages.

RankTank runs within any existing Google Sheet via the “Add-Ons” menu. You can either “Get add-ons” from the menu and search for RankTank or follow the steps below to browse to it directly.

Known Issues (Important)

Issue 1. There is a known issue where the sidebar does not load after signing in with Google if you have multiple Google accounts which are currently logged in, we are investigating this and will find a resolution to switch between accounts. For now the workaround is to make sure your browser is only logged into your primary Google account.

Issue 2. We have found that sometimes the add-on help wizard does not fully complete on loading the add-on and you may need to select help from the menu on the right (your profile picture) if you're still unsure of what to do to get started. You can also read more in the section below.

Getting Started

Head over to the RankTank G Suite Marketplace and choose “Individual Install” or “Domain Install” on the RankTank Add-On page or open any Google sheet and choose the “Add-ons” → “Get add-ons” and search for “RankTank”.

1. Choose “Install” on the “RankTank Add-On”
2. Open Google Sheet Menu “Add-ons” → “RankTank

3. Sign in with your Google account

Now follow the steps below to get scanning.

Scan Status Messages

You will receive some of the messages below while using RankTank, please familiarize yourself with their meaning:

Status Description
Warming UpWe're getting our crawlers ready, please be patient.
FetchingNow we search and return SERP results, this may take a few minutes per SERP.
FailedThis happens when we are throttled or unable to return SERPs for a keyword.
RetryingWe retry all scan queries at least once automatically.
FailedEven our retry failed and you should wait a minute or so then click retry scan (grey button) to only scan the failures.

Scan Keyword Rank

Step Description Screenshot
Set DomainEnter the domain name you want to scan rankings for here.
Choose LocaleChoose which Google locale to use when scanning.
Choose LanguageChoose which Google language to use when scanning.
Enter KeywordsEnter your keyword list to scan here and hit scan.
Hit ScanHit the big red scan button and experience keyword rank checking joy :D

The next level?

To automate the scanning of larger volumes of keywords contact RankTank for an enterprise solution or for access to our SERP API.

Feel free to look over our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before making use of RankTank services.

Contact Us

Get in touch by sending us a message or connecting via any of our social channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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