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Great Success!

Welcome to the RankTank, it's awesome to have you on board, if you've made payment via Stripe then you'll have immediate access to the RankTank Google Sheet Add-On (launching soon…), just login via Google Sheets. You also now have access to the "Legacy" RankTank Google Sheets on along with the other "Pro" SEO Tools if you are on a Major, General or “Legacy” Pro package.

Important: First time RankTank users making payment via PayPal (for both the Add-On and “Legacy” Google Sheets) or via Stripe for the "Legacy" RankTank Google Sheets need to drop us a message via email with the transaction ID in order to be manually approved and issued with your API key and/or initial credit allocation.

You can follow and message our founder @Jaco_van_Wyk directly on Twitter should you require any assistance.

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